1. Zac Wertz

    One interesting feature the is diverse among the group that you don’t mention is how they deal with foreign credit cards. I think Stripe charges 2%, Braintree 1%, and Balanced possibly nothing.

  2. Milton Howard

    Great article Jeff! A correction….Balanced does not charge you $0.25 for payouts to your bank account as stated in the article. However, it does charge you $0.25 each time you pay a seller in a marketplace.

  3. Jay

    Great article too Jeff.
    Just what I realized as I come across deciding whether to use Stripe or Braintree. It seems that Stripe makes it a lot more hassle-free to charge customers in different currencies. With Braintree you have to go through their account management team to create a different merchant account for each currency. As for Stripes, it seems that you can just pass the currency code in the API and they would automagically do the conversion for you!

  4. I’m creating a marketplace community for sneaker collectors to buy sell and trade sneakers. I was curious to know between theses providers which one would you suggest. keep in mind we are very small so naturally we are attracted to the chargebacks or refund protection of paypal.. Braintree is now a paypal company, do they have the same protection paypal has now? what payments provider would you recommend to have the best protection in that area.

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